December 31, 2011

It was New Years Eve 2011 that I swore I would not spend New Years Eve 2012 in Boston. It was a frigid night in the city full of revelers enjoying the First Night festivities as the world got ready to ring in 2012. I was not among the revelers instead I was among the working. Waiting on the men, women and children who had braved the cold and decided to have their last supper at my restaurant, oh boy. The restaurant is located on Newbury Street one of the most popular streets in the Back Bay so it was full of people and for my fellow servers out there that might be reading this you all know how much working New Years Eve can suck ass!!! You approach each and every table ‘happy new year’ as if you care. Now the restaurant I am working in is a small about the width of one and a half Peter Pan busses with two aisles on either side and in the between it all every table taken and the place is on a wait and before long you’re running around like a total jack ass hating life, asking yourself, ‘is this all worth it?’ Well for me the answer was no. I am not only dodging guests who act as if they’re the only people in the place but my fellow co-workers as well, sweating as your run up and down the place from the bar to the kitchen.
Throughout the night I was texting a good friend who was also in his own hell at a different restaurant only his hell was far worse than, his restaurant was far larger than mine and it was fine dining but no matter what a restaurant is still a restaurant whether it be no stars or five stars working December 31st sucks plain and simple. As the night wore on and we got the closer to midnight and the restaurant had finally cleared. We were all at the bar as the ball started to drop in Times Square 10, 9, 8 it was then I started saying to myself that was not going to be in Boston December 31, 2012 in waiting on people 7, 6. I looked out the window watching people freeze in a hurry to get somewhere, anywhere 5, 4 the money I made tonight just wasn’t worth it, the running around, the sweating, dodging customers, running from table to table making sure everyone was happy, 3, 2, December 31, 2012 I promised myself I was going to be in a place where I didn’t need a jacket where it was warm year round, a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches alongside beautiful people, I promised myself that December 31, 2012 I was going to be in Costa Rica – Happy New Year!!!


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