Art isn’t always in a museum

One thing I always try to do whenever I travel to another city is to visit the its museum of art to stand and admire the works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Dali and countless others.  Well San Jose is the first and only city I’ve ever visited where I didn’t need to visit the museum instead it surrounded me.  Powerful images painted on sides of buildings or city walls.  Some happy, some sad, some about love and some about hate there was the political and there was the anger and it did the one thing art should always do force a reaction.  Images that made you happy or sad, love or hate, it grabbed you and it held you.  Raw images and artwork that told a story that would make you applaud or make you angry, laugh and maybe cry, sometimes it offended you it even insulted you.  It is called ‘Graffiti Art’ and these are masterpieces that don’t need a museum.


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