San Jose

My first full day in the city started with a walk through the Parque Nacional (National Park for those of you who do not speak Spanish, like me).  The park is a botanical garden with different pathways through and in between beautiful plants and flowers and at the center of it all is the National Monument.  It was constructed in Paris at the end of XIX Century by french sculptor Louis Carrier Bellouseand.  It is a symbol of the brave attitude of Central America, especially Costa Rica.  In 1856 American filibuster William Wilcox wanted to take over the entire region.  Once I’d left the park I started walking with no direction at all, I just wandered the streets walking through neighborhoods and seeing the different class levels of living.

What I love about the neighborhoods is that each one has its own personality and feel.  Some even have their own color, houses painted in bright colors that make a house come alive, blacks painted in a rainbow of color.  I continued walking with no direction and found myself looking at the mountains that embrace the city, the sun was bursting through the clouds that covered the mountains giving them even a more majestic look, making them even more powerful.

I returned to the city center and visited one of the many churches that are in the city and lit a candle and I rested for a while and people watched.  I went through the open market and saw some of the local art work and the typical tourist fare.  I returned to the hotel and just savored the day and soon I was out for another night in this great city.


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