road trip!!!

Oh how I love a bus ride especially a bus that was designed to hold as many people as possible to the point where the only person who could sit and enjoy a seat was a newborn child as long as he or she were under eight pounds.  The seats did not recline so if you were taller than five feet your knees would pinned against the steel plate on the seat in front of you – fun, fun, fun!!   It is early afternoon and the bus is packed to the point that people are standing.  

The man sitting next to me on the aisle is in his early twenties and barely gave me a glance when I asked to sit next to him and with the first bump the rubbing began and for the next three and a half hours that would be our sole way of communication rubbing against each others knees and the occasional thigh.  My ipod is dead, I can’t use my computer and I am rubbing against a total stranger like a dog, someone kill me.    

The only ventilation on the bus were the windows and each one of them opened, wide open so there was always a breeze inside the bus and if there was one plus, that was it.  And did I mention there was no bathroom.  I will never complain about Peter Pan or Greyhound every again.  About an hour a half in hell the bus driver took mercy on us and pulled over at a rest stop so we could stretch, use the bathroom and buy a snack.  It was much welcomed and needed on this sun filled day.  Two hours later we finally arrived, we finally arrived in Quepos, on the Costa Rican Coast.  My home for the next three days.


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