Enter the Jungle!!!!

Someone shoot me, stab, choke me, take me to the beach and drown me, do anything to put me out of the misery I am feeling today.  Of all things the human body can do the most powerful is exact revenge on us anyway it wants.  At this moment it is making me pay a heavy price for the tequila shots I did last night, it is angry and showing me no mercy as I stand before green porcelain toilet throwing up every morsel of food I had the night before.  Tequila, I hate tequila!!!


During dinner last night I met some Americans from California.  We struck up conversation as soon as we heard English being spoken.  One the men was in the band and he and his wife owned property as did the other couple that sat with them.  We talked about everything from Costa Rica to US politics to sports and at one point the first of many shots is placed in front of me we toasted to new friends and that was the beginning of the end.  It seemed every time I blinked my eyes a shot was in front of me to the point I lost count.  ‘To the Patriots’ to the ’49ers’ to Obama’s re-election, to new friends, to Costa Rica, if we could toast to something we did.  Once I knew if I had another shot I’d be sleeping at the bar I said my goodbyes and offered to pay for my share and they said no which I was surprised by and grateful so on the way out I sent a round of shots over to them.  And I stumbled back to the hostel, crawled into bed and prayed for death.


After I regained some strength I rallied and walked down to the beach and had a very light lunch.  It was my final day in Quepos and I was going to the jungle, The Manuel Antonio National Forest.  The forest was on the opposite side of the beach and once you entered you knew you were inside something special a place wrapped in nature, a place hidden from the world.  It was a world all its own, path after path of nature living side by side with man in perfect harmony neither a threat to the other.  Animals roamed freely without fear they welcomed you, allowed you to touch them as they touched you.  It was a habitat we rarely see and it was amazing.  There was path after path that took you everywhere and anywhere you wanted to go.

The Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a small National Park in the Central Pacific Conservation Area located the Pacific costa of Costa Rica.  The jungles here are some of the most pristine and secluded on the planet.   It is home to a mix of insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds and surrounded by four beaches.  I sat and people watched for a while as the pain I was feeling started to subside.  After about an hour I continued my exploring just fascinated, in awe of everything.  After a few more hours I left and lay on the beach, put the headphones and fell asleep.

 I returned to the hostel and packed and went to dinner, the beer and tequila was replaced with a nice Argentinian Malbec.  It was an open air restaurant so the breeze off of the ocean made the night even better, if that was possible.  I went to a few bars after dinner and even a nightclub.  I returned to the hostel and the next morning boarded the bus to take me back to San Jose and with that my time in Quepos was over and I had a great time.


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