is it Friday yet?

It is New Year’s Eve!!!! I am back in San Jose getting ready to go out for my ‘last supper’ of the year. After that I will start a night of celebration with the beautiful people of this city that have once again show me a great time.  New Year’s eve is the one night when the world is truly united as we get ready to bid farewell to a year, to 365 days of high’s and lows, tears and triumph, heartache and joy.  Some of us can’t wait to see the year go and there are others who would love for it to go on a little longer.  And tonight people every corner of the globe are asking that one question we all ask on December 31st – ‘can you believe an entire year has gone by?.’  but the one question we ask ourselves throughout the year ‘is it Friday yet?’


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are obstacles, distractions, annoyances that seem to stand in the way of Friday.  Each day, each week, each month and each year all we want, all we care about is ‘Friday.’  I’m good for a Monday.’  Will you better on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?  We wish away each year because all we want are the 52 precious Fridays that come with it.  So when we ask ‘can you believe another year has gone by?’  and the answer has to be yes because we’ve spent the entire year wanting Friday.


What a difference a year makes!!!  It is a beautiful star filled night and I am standing with the men and women of San Jose as the countdown to midnight starts – diez, nueve.  Last year I was in a cold Boston, tonight the temperature is perfect – ocho, siete.  Three hundred and sixty five days ago I made a promise to myself and tonight that promise has been fulfilled – seis, cinco, cuatro.  Last year I was watching the ball drop in Times Square tonight I am watching balloons fall from a ceiling – dos, uno.  Last year I stood and toasted a new year with my friends in Boston and tonight I ring 2013 in Costa Rica –¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! 


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