Los hombres, las mujeres y los niños de Costa Rica

‘..we should say unto all and I’ll say it again – it’s not just to win, shake a hand, make friend..’

Curtis Mayfield

It can start with  a simple ‘hello’ or handshake, asking a person ‘where are you from?’ or ‘what is your name?’  A person from a different country, culture, ethnicity so different than your own, but at the same time exactly alike.  Two people that find common ground and for a few hours or a lifetime a friendship begins and sometimes a relationship begins.  We share ideas and ideals and sometimes we share each other.  We respect each other for beliefs, thoughts and feelings  We laugh together and sometimes we cry.  We find each other attractive for whatever reason whether it be physical or something far deeper, perhaps we are each others fantasy.  Something we’ve always wanted but could never find until that very moment when we say ‘hello’, shake hands and introduce ourselves.

Whatever country I’ve traveled too in this world, it will never be about the its history, its attractions, not even the weather, it will always be about the people that live there and make it the country it is.  The people of Costa Rica are among the nicest I’ve ever met in all my travels, they are real and they are genuine.  They open their arms and heart.  They embrace you and welcome you.  You’re strangers for a brief moment and whether it be hola or hello, tu nombre or what is your name, de donde es or where are you from at that moment with a simple handshake we are strangers no more.

The Faces of Costa Rica


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